Maschmedt Media is a strategic marketing company that services clients across North America in the shooting sports, outdoor and sporting goods sectors.

Using keen vision and tenacity to plan, choreograph and execute, we combine forward-thinking ideas and technologies with dedication to effectively position manufacturers and retailers in their focused space.


Don Maschmedt
Don Maschmedt
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Clint Walker


Logo Design

It’s important to remember that a logo is not a brand. A logo is something you make. A brand is something you build. The logo is a very personal process because it is themost prevalent representation of your company. Our team is here to guide youthrough the logo design process.

Website Design / Development

Like all methods of communication, choreography is paramount. Our team will lead you through a process to keep design and execution as efficient as possible. As a result, more time is spent actually executing on design than making revisions.

Catalog Design

While digital media is the most efficient way to showcase your product line, print media is here to stay. Many customers still require a tangible interactive experience in their buying decision. It is critical to select a medium that compliments your product, appeals to your customer and commands attention over the competition.

Photo/ Video

We have extensive experience and capabilities with in-house photography and videography, and we also leverage a nationwide network of experienced professionals to match them with the right projects. Content is king in today’s world of marketing mediums, and we will craft a plan that’s right for you.


The way we design and execute the packaging of products speaks to the overall quality of what you are selling. The key is making the packaging both high-quality and cost-effective. Our 50 year old sister company has a nationwide sales force which provides us with real-time feedback on what works best.

In-Store Displays

In the most competitive retail environments, an in-store display is the best way to command a customer’s attention. Our 50 year old sister company has an expansive sales force which we leverage for feedback on what produces the best results.

Print Advertising

Our principals have experience working in the consumer print publishing industry. This unique experience gives us insight to managing the creation of successful advertising. We will work to create a campaign that positions your product or service; one that gains consumer response.

Media Relations

Once the right corporate identity and message is instituted, one of the most effective means of building your brand is through the media. Not all media is “pay for play,” so it is imperative to have an experienced team identifying and navigating various media outlets to tell your story.

Social Media Management

There are many self-proclaimed “social media experts” today, but very few are true pioneers. Our team has proven methods of increasing sales and brand presence with well-crafted social media campaigns. We will work with you to craft a campaign that accomplishes your goals.

Product Development / Focus Groups

Our principals are experts in various aspects of outdoor or shooting-related products. We not only have a rich history in the development and go-to-market strategies of several well-known products, we also have a nationwide network that we rely on for expert, up-to-date data on what products work and why.

Media Buys

With your brand strategy in hand, one of the most complicated tasks can be managing your media buys to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your campaign dollars. Our principals have direct experience in consumer print publishing and advertising in all markets including print, digital and broadcast television.


Choreography is often the most overlooked aspect of effective marketing. It’s not just about creating a message; it’s about what to say, where you say it and when.

This comes down to knowing your audience and how to reach beyond your known audience. Well-choreographed execution equates to furthering your marketing dollars and increasing your bottom line.

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